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Caligo Mundi is a freeform and live action role playing club based in Melbourne, Australia.

The Game Calendar contains information on Sessions being run, including date, time and venue. Sessions currently cost $10.
Stay tuned for more announcements about board games and social evenings on the Facebook group.

Caligo Discord
Caligo is currently running games in person, but that doesn't mean Covid is over. Please be double vaxxed and comply with current health requirements (be comfortable with your level of personal protection and respect each other's boundaries).
There is still information and interaction on our Discord, you can join our server at: https://discord.gg/QutDcnc
If you'd like to try running something on our server, contact us

We are aiming to run our games in a Covid-safe manner! New games are now being accepted. Further information on new events will be announced below.

Character Bios
To help others keep on top of who's who in the game, we encourage you to add public information about your characters to the wiki so others know who you are playing:
Add your Character here.

Latest News

  • 7th Sea: The Kings Court has now finished, a wrap-up event is planned for the 11th of May and will take place before Plotholes!
  • Vaesen Character generation is on the 25th of May - Stay tuned for details
  • Babylon 4 session 4 will be on the 2nd June.

  • Tabletop sessions will be moving to the evenings and will be held at Richmond Library, see the Game Calendar for details.
  • One Shot Games List: Deadlands, DND, & TBC
  • Caligo is looking for new games! Do you want to run one? Find out how here.
  • See what's new on our Recent Changes page.

New Members

If you are participating in any Caligo Mundi games you need to be a member (it's free!). To become a member please follow these instructions
1: Create a User account for the wiki - this will also allow you to edit most of the wiki and add pages (We encourage you to contribute).
2: Once you have a user account, please follow the link to our Membership Form.
3: Complete the registration form.
4: Attend games and edit the wiki.

Running a Game

Caligo is interested in hearing from people who have ideas for running games, be they one off or longer term games.

  • Details on how to have a game run for Caligo can can be found here.
  • You can use the Idea Box to draft ideas and rules.
  • There is a Facebook group dedicated to discussing ideas.
  • When running a game, please follow the session checklist.

Contacting Us

To contact us or to find out more information: